Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Semantic Web at MIT Technology Review

Yet another memorable webcast of a Tim Berners-Lee fast paced lecture. This one in the 45 min formal seminar:

Opening Keynote - The Semantic Web,
Tim Berners-LeeSeptember 29, 2004 8:40 AM
LOCATION:Kresge Auditorium
SPONSOR INFO:The Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT showcases the technologies that are poised to make a dramatic impact on the world. This two-day event is produced by Technology Review Magazine. It brings together world-renowned innovators and leaders in technology and business for keynote, panel and breakout discussions that center on the transformative technological innovations certain to improve the quality of life, create opportunities and fuel economic growth.

NOTES ON THE VIDEO (Time Index):Video length is 58:03.
At 3:22, Jason Pontin, Editor-in-Chief, Technology Review, introduces Tim Berners-Lee.
At 3:47, Tim Berners-Lee begins.
At 38:25, Q&A begins, with Bob Metcalfe, Founder, 3Com Corporation, and General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners, moderating.
At 48:03 Metcalfe asks Berners-Lee, "What web browser do you use?"

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Helena F Deus said...

Around minute 24:00, Tim Berners Lee comments: "Your life is a tangle, your data is a tangle, get used to it - you need the semantic web to represent it."