Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Integrative Bioinformatics 5

Case Study: Ovary Cancer data integration at the Kleberg Foundation

(SCRB1. conference room 4)

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Lets get serious: you now have data structures that describe your (or at least Katherine's) data so the time has come to show you how it all fits together. Instead of having the class in HMB this time you are invited to join a workshop about this topic in the South Campus. We'll do two things:

1. I'll post a sample solution of a script that would assemble a data structure for K's data. The idea is not that my solution is the best, it is just to encourage you to post your own m-files assembling alternative data structures. This way next week we'll be generating multiple XML structures from the different solutions.

2. You are asked to listen to my short presentation at 2:10 pm encouraged to participate in the followup discussion. Here's the full agenda for the afternoon in case you can and want to hear the full story:

Workshop at the Kleberg Center for Biomarker discovery,South Campus Research Building (SCRB1. conference room 4) behind the welcome desk to the right upon entering the building.
01:15 pm -01:30 pm
Dr. Rahul Mitra – Kleberg Center

01:35 pm - 02:05 pm
Dr. Bryan Hennessy – Kleberg Center
Molecular Medicine Studies on ovarian and breast cancers at Kleberg Center

02:10 pm - 02:40 pm
Dr. Jonas Almeida – Kleberg Center
Data collection and analysis at Kleberg Center

02:45 pm - 03:45 pm
All: Open discussion

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