Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Integrative Bioinformatics 4

XML constructs

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What is XML?
In this class we are going to learn what are the main features of XML, and how it can be used to build data structures (including some insights on the homework ;-) ). XML is one of the most popular and widely used representation languages on the web. Since it's implementation in 1996 (originally by the SGML Editorial Review Board), it has been widely extended and became a w3c recommentation in 2006. Due to it's flexibility many standard development teams in biomedical research have relied on XML to implement knowledge domain representations, such as MAGE-ML, MiniML, SBML, AGML, etc.
On a different line of though, we are also going to learn how to use S3DB through the API, by building (surprisingly!!) an XML structure that resembles SQL.

For more on XML visit the W3C recommendation and the tutorial.

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