Thursday, March 22, 2007

Integrated Bioinformatics 1

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This first class will outline the three main sections covered in this course:

a) Programming environments - enphasis on the minimum toolkit made of Matlab, PHP, Javascript.
b) Data structures - emphasis on using mat, XML, RDF.
c) Integrated data managment and analysis tools - S3DB, Bioinformatics Station.

This session also seeks to establish what programming tools, knowledge and computing resources do the participants pocess. The teaching material will be made available on line with each session. Each class ends with a homework assignment which is also the first topic in teh next session.

The structure of this course will be constructive before being instructive. The first few sessions aim at making the participants familiar, and participative, with the collaborative data management and analysis tools being developed and integrated at MDACC. Therefore, the first aim of this course is to enable those who produce data and those who analyze it to interoperate. Once that is established, this constructive aim will be succeeded by an instructive emphasis on algorithm identification and deployment. This hands on computational statistics component will be complemented with some elements of emerging Integrative Bioinformatics theory.


Those who want Katherine's data please email me your email!

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Gábor said...

Great to hear this class is starting.

I would be interested in teaching one or more sessions on modeling the dynamics of gene regulatory and signaling networks. I could cover various modeling methods (Boolean, continuous ODE, stochastic).

The aim would be to create an interface between experimentalists and theoreticians working on the dynamics of small networks.

I would like to find out if there is interest in such a topic.