Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Integrative Bioinformatics 10

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February 12,14 - S3DB, a distributed semantic DBMS

  1. Why - hurting enough already?
  2. What - simultaneous annotation of usage and content weaved into a permission management model.
  3. How - RESTful API.

Individual accounts will be created in class. You can also download your own at http://www.s3db.org/. Additional documentation can also be found here.

The N3 notation for RDF is VERY instructive, have a look here.

For complete documentation on RDF the right place to go is the source, W3C's reference documentation.

example of public RDF browser: Welkin.

example of commercial RDF browser: Sentient.

Function for building S3QL queries: S3QLSyntax

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